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View from the flight deck of the USS Kirk, looking aft toward the USS Midway launching aircraft in the distance. 1985 in the Indian Ocean, near, well, no-where.

Me in the back seat of a T-6 Texan for a flight over Pearl Harbor, 1991. My new bride fell in love with the pilot, maybe an early warning sign..?

My 11th torpedo, the one that malfunctioned and attacked our helicopter after we launched it.

My favorite plane to fly, the Grumman Lynx. A joy to fly

A fabricated gun mount for an M-60 hanging out the port side of an SH-2F aboard the battleship USS New Jersey off the coast of Lebanon, 1983.

Proof. This is a chunk of the Soviet helicopter we damaged in Mogadishu Somalia in 1982.

Famous "Foreign Legion" patch, announcing our status.

Heading out to the flightline at HSL-31 in 1983. Although I was technically a student, my senior status meant I usually flew alone in back.

My Navy Achievement Medal, with star. I actually got better medals, but this one was for rescuing people.


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