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In aviation, nothing is worse than looking bad. Die, but don't look stupid. This guy will spend years living down this Grand Mal act of stupidity.

A PBY "Catalina" patrol seaplane that was damaged in a WWII storm and left to rot on Diego Garcia. This was almost 40 years later - it was still there. Then, one morning after a storm, it was gone! Waves just carried it away.

The survival school at flight school at Pensacola featured the fuselage and one wing of a PBY Catalina. In the building, the fuselage was cut away so you could see inside.

The Soviet aircraft carrier "Novorosiisk", steaming in the open Pacific in April 1985. I took this photo with a Canon AE-1 from about 1,000' overhead.

Look carefully. Some Commie BastardTM has made a huge smiley face giving us a raspberry in the soot of this smokestack. Its on the Soviet Kara-class guided missile ASW cruiser "Tashkent". I took this in April 85.

LCDR JM "Twister" Twiss, my first live rescue. I am on the left in the first photo. Twister is being helped below after we brought him to the USS Kirk following his crash at sea near Iran on 13 July 1985. In the second photo, he is in a black jumpsuit with a neck brace.

Photo I found on the net of a Rogue Wave to illustrate my story about the USS Kirk getting hit by a rogue wave in the South China Sea.

Clipart of my first aircraft, the S-3A Viking anti-submarine jet. I worked on them from 1979-1981

The "Sealect" and the USS Bradley - these photos are directly related, see story. We punished the captain of the Sealect, the dumbass! He intruded on a Navy firing range despite repeated warnings.

Springtime in the Sea of Ohkotsk. Cold means something different. I wasn't lonely out there, just waiting...

Older, more used up. By the time this photo was taken, 24 of my friends had been killed in Navy aircraft.

Neat photo - see the expended shell case just below the barrel?

Newspaper article about my selection as "Sailor of the Year" 1988

Sitting in the waist gunner station of a Confederate Air Force B-25 in San Marcos, Texas, 2002. I should have smiled - I was having a blast!


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