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Montage of my best times

The Staff at SWATS, 1987. I am one of two enlisted instructors at the time, among 20+ officer instructors.

News article about my UFO story. See? I didn't make it up! Believe the gov'mint if you want.

This is the 8th torpedo I dropped, off Barkings Sands, Hawaii. 1987.

This is the proof you dropped a torpedo. Last thing you do when loading one is to remove this tag.

A Soviet submarine the size of a WWII aircraft carrier.

The outline of an Ugra sub tender, from a recognition guide that we carried on missions. Compare to the Ugra photo.

Various views from my career. Nice rocking deck pic!

A smashed SH-2F in the unassigned hangar - we kept it full of crashed helicopters. The man with me is legendary fighter ace "Swede Vejtasa", hero of the Battle of Santa Cruz. Taken by my 3 year old son. The dog was my childhood companion, Patches.

AWAN Upham, washed out for drugs. AWAN Bill Martinie, torn apart and eaten by sharks. Thats the two most common ways for AWs to end their careers.

AGSS1984: Fine overhead view of USS Dolphin, a CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED

Modern reproduction of the official USS Midway patch


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