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Flying over a Red Chinese minesweeper in the Sea of Japan so cold our landing gear wouldn't raise. 1985

The ship's helo from the Royal Navy destroyer HMS lacrity. Right after the Falklands War; in the Diego Garcia lagoon. UNK RN ship in back

Somewhat modern photo of Dodge (Diego Garcia). Unlike 99% of the photos on this page, its not mine

This is what Diego Garcia looks like from about 20 miles out. 1983

Photo of me taken the day the Shuttle Challenger"exploded. We still had to fly.

The first Soviet submarine I ever caught

As odd as it sounds, the first time I ever flew in a Navy helicopter, we found a ubmarine. They didn't believe us until we gave them this photograph, proving we caught it.

How many helicopters can you see? Soviet Hind making a high speed pass over our ship. Directly behind, our SH-2F is hidden from view.

Me in the doorway of an HSL-37 armed SH-2F, preparing for the "Ramadan Stomp", the 1986 missions to punish Iranian assets in the Persian Gulf. Can you find the five things I am doing wrong? Photo used as a cover to a Navy manual on how to be a gunner.

After a major storm at sea, birds used the USS Eisenhower as a 'port in a storm'. Off Madagascar, 1980. This horned owl stayed on our ship for days.

We got a LOT closer to Ostrov Iterup in the Kurile Islands. This frozen rock was taken from Japan by the Soviets at the end of WWII and never given back.

Real pisser here. Our cruisebook page featured everyone elses helicopters, with only a couple of us!

Article in the Stars and Stripes about our two rescues in one week. Woo Hoo!


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