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Ship launch of a Mk 46 Antisubmarine torpedo

Green dye marker released by torpedo after it finished its run. This is my 8th torpedo.

SH-2F flying beside a Soviet Mi-24 Hind in the Sea of Ohkotsk. Spring, 1985

Display case of my Soviet flight gear at San Diego Aerospace Museum 1984-2002

Me, dressed in Soviet camo. I probably needed it at the time!

Clipart of US Navy aircrew wings

The patch off my flight jacket

Artwork of a US Navy helicopter crewman

A Soviet Ka-25A sub-hunter helicopter,in the distance, a US P-3 Orion patrol bomber.

AW2 Danny Davis, AMH-3 Jeff Zoeller, and I next to Sea Snake Two One. Killed one.

My staff photo from instructor duty at SWATS

My roommate Lee Baker and I near the SD Bay Bridge following SAR jumps at the Amphib base

Clipart of A-7E Corsair II light bomber, modified to look like the one from my first rescue

Flying half out the door over my favorite place, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean 1985.

Fun place. Care to guess what I have under my arm? Look at all the endangered animals this one stall has for sale! Terrible.

My aircrew wings

The official patch of the school where I taught -"Sea-based Weapons and Advanced Tactics School"

The best pilot I ever had, and one of the not-best. CDR John Gana, Paul "Pshaw" Shaw, AW3 Mikey Fenyes, and I. 1984

Gana was an amazing pilot and great leader.


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