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     My name is Gordon Permann, and I have loved aviation all of my life. Since 14, I have been gathering aviation photographs and memorabilia, and at 18, I began flying in the US Navy. From 79-90, I served in helicopters, patrol bombers, and other assorted military types. I always flew with a camera nearby, as you can tell.

    I took many of these photographs of encounters with several types of Soviet Jets, Helicopters, and Warships, and I have gathered over a thousand pictures from such meetings. My intention is to combine them with stories, to tell the story of one small aspect of the Cold War.

    Some images are from my old collection, and some I owe to Danny, who I flew with overseas. I hope you enjoy them, and the archive shots from WW2.

    I would like to dedicate this site to the Cold War aviators and sailors that did not live to enjoy the relative peace we share today. Also, to my son, Lex, who will someday know the rush of wings...




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First Mission
Aerial Shaves
The Doomed Phantom
Martinie, Bishop, Hood, and My Other Heroes
The Kobiyashi Maru
The Minsk
Mission for Tonight
The Sea of O
Skidmarks in the Sky, Vol. 1
Skidmarks in the Sky, Vol. 2
Tokio Wan
Damn the Torpedoes!
General %$#!&@ Yeager
How to Catch a Blackbird


Thanks to Jim Sterling for his friendship and for building and maintaining a website for me from 1998 to 2003.

Sincerely, G. Permann.

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