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The Warmonger and I went along when the Boss took her 4th/5th grade class to Space Camp in Titusville, Florida. While the kids were building rockets, we hijacked the charter bus and headed just down the road to the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum. At first, I thought it was a bit tacky they call themselves "Valiant", that's the sort of adjective you really should really wait for others to apply. I then looked to see if they had an old Plymouth in front of the museum, but there instead was a Huey in medevac markings.

UH1 in front of museum

Entrance door

The Warmonger read the front door and gave me a stern look.

I promised not to climb on any airplanes.

'Course, I crossed my fingers...

Inside, we saw a Mohawk cockpit and what appeared to be a very nice interior museum. Unfortunately, we on a tight schedule and had to head out to the main event.

Grumman and child

We just missed the excitement in the hangar, Momma Grumman had given birth a few hours before...

Mohawk Out in the Florida sunshine, I spotted a propless Mohawk on the east side of the hanger.

As I was writing the three different serial numbers it wore, I was suddenly distracted.

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