McDonnell F-101/CF-101 Voodoo #57-382/101045

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Photo by Keith Clifford - September 2005

CF-101 101045 was originally USAF serial 57-382  It was an upgraded F-101B with the IR gear in the nose and made its way to Canada in 1970 as part of Operation Peace Wings.  Canada acquired 66 Voodoos in 1961 that were originally USAF machines.  When we started using IR Falcons we needed the IR capable F-101B's.  Hence the arrival of older airframe but more capable F-101B's to Canada.  CF-101B 101045 was part of the second batch of F-101B's to make their way into Canada.   We returned newer airframes but non IR capable F-101B's in exchange.  Because our first F-101B's still had the refueling probe fitted (never used in Canada) they were converted to RF-101B's and used by the Nevada Air Guard.

 (Note from Keith)

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