North American FJ-4 #139486
National Museum of Naval Aviation
Pensacola (FL)

Fury at Pensacola

Photo by Bill Kistler - November 1995

See the Pensacola web site for more data.

We received the following slightly edited message September 99:

The FJ4 that is at the Museum of Naval Aviation is just that, an FJ4, not an FJ 4B that you show. It has the incorrect marking of a Navy attack squadron. All FJ 4's flew with Marine Fighter Squadrons, and none with Navy VA squadrons, although that is the way the museum dressed FJ 4, BU NO 139486

Donald Macaulay

p.s. I flew FJ 4 , 139486 with Marine Fighter Squadron 232 out of Kaneohe Hawaii, in 1957.

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