Boeing B-29 Superfortress #44-70113
"Sweet Eloise"
Atlanta (GA) NAS

B29-left side


Photos by John Walker - October 1996


Text of the Marker

" Boeing B29 #44-70113, was built in Wichita, Kansas in late '44. Commissioned in 5/45.  Flown to Saipan to 20th AF, 73rd BW, 500BG, 883rd BS and carried squadron number 58. Saw missions over Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, and Kobe.  Shot down 3 fighters and possible 3 more.  She flew 5 POW missions, and 27 combat missions, the last one on the last day of WW2. Decommissioned in 1956 and stored until Marietta B29 Assn sponsored restoration in 1994." 

Her Army serial number was B29-80BW.

Her "crew", as listed on the nose, was: Pilot, Capt. C. Short.  Co-pilot, Capt. J. Daniell.  A/C pilot, Capt. B. Bailey. Navigator, Capt. B. Mabry.  Bombardier, Capt. B. Shaw.  Flt. Surgeon, Capt. P. Inglis.  Flt. Eng., Sgt H. Shamblin.. CFC Gnnr,  Sgt B. Price. T/Gnr, Sgt L. Boos

[This "crew" is actually the people responsible for securing, refurbishing, and donating the aircraft for this display. ]

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