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Why You Should Look For Book of Mormon Tickets

Book of Mormon, the musical written by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, is a must see for any fan of comedy or musical theater. The show opened on Broadway in 2011, and has since garnered much critical acclaim. If you are interested in seeing an excellent musical production, look into Book of Mormon tickets today.

Book of Mormon is the story of two Mormon missionaries traveling to a remote African village in the country of Uganda. The villagers are initially dismissive of the Mormon religion, because it does not have any apparent benefit to their situation. The village is under the control of a warlord, which prevents them from having necessary food and medication. Through a serious of hilarious and touching musical numbers, the missionaries and villagers grow closer, and learn a lot about each other.

Publications like Vogue Magazine and New York Post have heaped positive reviews on Book of Mormon Broadway musical. Critics praise everything from the jokes and writing, to the music, to the touching story. Many critics speak with surprise that a musical from the creators of South Park could be anything more than crass comedy. According to almost all reviews, Book of Mormon is a surprise hit, and well deserves its long run.

To find Book of Mormon tickets, the easiest way is to look online. There are many ticket aggregation websites that can help you find the best deal out of venues near you. Searching for Book of Mormon Broadway show can help you find out when the next show near your zip code is, and let you get your tickets in advance at a reasonable price.

Often, showing up at the door to buy tickets will go poorly. If you are lucky enough to be able to buy a ticket at all, it will often be a bad seat at a high price. A little bit of thinking ahead can go a long way with musical tickets. When you are planning your Book of Mormon viewing, check the online listings ahead of time!

Book of Mormon is a funny, touching, and sweet musical that everyone should see. Critics agree that the show is well worth a watch. If you are interested, check online today to find out when your next chance will be to catch this hit in a theater near you! Get your tickets ahead of time, and enjoy the show.